IVF Financing – Multiple Cycle Packages

IVF Financing – Multiple Cycle Packages

IVF is one of the more expensive treatments that you can undergo in your journey toward having a baby. If it’s come down to this for you and your partner, though, you should certainly check out different IVF financing options before you begin cycles of the treatment. Different types of IVF financing include taking out special loans, using a payment plan through the IVF clinic, and buying a multiple IVF cycle package. The last option offers lots of flexibility and options for couples who need to save money on IVF.

How it Works

Because every IVF clinic is different, not all multiple cycle packages will look the same, but there are a couple of basic ways that the packages work. One type of package allows you to purchase three rounds of IVF at one time for a discounted rate; if you only need the first or second round to become pregnant, you’ll be able to get a discount for the rate of the third treatment, which will have probably been the least expensive treatment.

Another type of package plan that some clinics offer is a refund plan. If you don’t have a baby – or carry a pregnancy to a certain point – after the three cycles that you originally bought together, the clinic will refund a certain amount of your cost. These refund programs have different rules and refund amounts, but they can be a good deal for some couples.

How You Should Choose

When it comes to finding an IVF clinic, the types of multiple cycle packages that the clinic offers should definitely be one consideration among many. Although you want to look at things like the clinic’s success rates and overall rating by other couples who have dealt with it, you’ll certainly want to balance quality and value by finding a good clinic that offers good financing plans.

Once you’ve chosen a clinic, chances are likely that you’ll actually be required to talk to a financial counselor before you start treatments. More clinics are requiring this of couples because of the number of couples who absolutely ruin their financial futures in order to have a baby. At a meeting with the clinic’s financial counselor, be sure that you ask about the availability of financing plans.

The type of plan you choose will ultimately depend on your preferences and financial resources. Most packages, especially if they are refund packages, will cost more for women who are older since the clinic is less likely to be able to help her have a baby after three cycles of IVF. This doesn’t mean that having a baby is impossible for these women; it simply means that the clinic is assuming a greater risk and will charge more because of that risk.

If you can lay out more money on the front end, you may consider a multiple cycle refund package, which, as has been stated, is probably going to be more expensive at the start. The less of a refund the clinic guarantees, though, the less expensive the plan will be from the start. If you don’t need your money back but don’t have a whole lot of cash to put into IVF at the beginning, you may want to opt for a simple discount plan, which will probably be less pricey for you.

Ultimately, deciding whether or not to use a multiple cycle IVF package plan will depend on you. These plans can be a great idea for some couples, but don’t opt for these plans until you’ve checked out other options, as well. This could be the way that you want to go, but you could just as easily find another option that suits you better.