Owner Financed Homes – More Common Than Ever

Owner Financed Homes – More Common Than Ever

With the recent downturn in the economy, it has become a need for home sellers to find alternative ways to sell there home. Owner financing, also known as seller financing or owner-will-carry is the newest trend in selling homes. The basics of owner financing are simple at the core, the seller essentially acts as a bank for the buyer for a given amount of time.

The bonuses are two fold; one the seller opens up the property to a large number of buyers that cannot get conventional financing, typically these are buyers that have credit challenges such as a previous foreclosure or they are paid through self employment. Due to the recent changes in lending guidelines, someone who would easily qualify for a home 3 years ago can no longer qualify even if they have perfect credit.

There is a well know article on the internet stating that these types of transactions are rare, and incredibly hard to come by. This article is of course from 2002. These types of transactions are very common as of 2010. In the past, most home owners who would be willing to sell a home on through owner financing would ask for almost 50% or more of the homes value as a down payment. This was to compensate for the fact that they expected the home owners to make payments over a 30 year term. This is just ridiculous by the standards of today.

Almost 90% of all owner financing transactions occur now because of investment decisions made in the past by house flippers or people expecting the value on their primary home to increase. This has caused a large amount of homes to come onto the market that are nearly paid off, but are no longer wanted due to taxes on the property or an inability to find a renter. Although money may still be owed on the property, the down payment will more than payoff the underlying mortgage.

So what are the terms? This is a question that I get asked on a daily basis from buyers looking to purchase owner finance homes. Of course each home seller is different, but the typical terms are 10% down payment, a 5 year contract with a full payoff expected at the end of the contract and monthly payments on the home amortized over 30 years. Standard practice is to have all payments made through a third party escrow service. The escrow service ensures that all payments are made on the buyers behalf.

It’s a shame that there is so much false information about owner financing on the internet. Most of this information is out dated and paints a very bleak picture about the rarity of owner financed homes. The truth is the modern real estate market has changed and most working realtors like myself that have changed with the market are doing just fine. Almost all currently working real estate agents have worked with an owner financed transaction. They are an excellent alternative to buy and sell a home without the need for bank approval.…

How to Make Real Money Online With the AdSense Program

How to Make Real Money Online With the AdSense Program

In this short article, I am going to show you that you can make money with AdSense program.

First what is AdSense?

This is an advertising model made popular by Google whereby they place some codes or scripts on your site that generates adverts on your site and you are paid when someone clicks on the ads and visit the advertisers.

Can I make Real Money with this?

Yes there are a lot of people making thousands of dollars monthly through the AdSense program. The amount of money that you make depends on the niche of your site and the traffic you are able to generate. It is a numbers game. The more visitors that you are able to get to your site, the more you are able to earn from the program.

They are those clicks that pays cents and those that pays dollars, it all depends on the advertisers and the amount they are ready to pay per click. Some do not mind paying high amounts per clicks because of the competition and also how lucrative there business is.

Example of high paying keywords are dating, Credit cards, Banking, Travels, Weight Loss, and so on. Now if you have a site focusing on any of these words, you are going to earn more per click than someone whose site is focusing on those keywords that do not pay much.

Why Do a Lot of people not make money with the program?

Like I said earlier, it is a number’s game. The more people that sees your site, the more that are likely to click on the advertisements and earn you money. The click through rate i.e the number of people that visits your site compared to the number that clicks on the ads is around 3-8%. Anything above this would be considered fictitious as Google has been able to establish this figure over a long period. So you will earn based on your keywords and TRAFFIC. Notice that I wrote the later in capitals. Yes that is how important it is. Without it, you will not earn much money from the program.

So in rounding up, I want to say that if you can set up a website that has articles that focuses on any of the high paying keywords and then drive an appreciable amount of traffic e.g. 30,000 to 50,000 visitors a month to your site, there is no way you will not make good money with this program. It is one great way for anyone to begin to make money online.

If you are interested and want to know how to start you can get the free eBook below. See Resource box.…

Improving Your Credit Score

Improving Your Credit Score

If you are thinking of improving your credit score, there are steps you can take to do so, but you must be aware that improving credit takes time and there is no easy or quick fix for bad credit. It can be helpful to remember that it took time for you to get into the situation where you have a bad credit score, so it will also take time to get yourself out of this situation. There are many companies out there who claim that they can fix your credit or remove bad credit ratings or negative credit items from your report. It is important for you to know this is false advertising.

The only way to improve your credit score is to follow the guidelines for good credit for a period of time. There is a legal date of expiration after which negative items must be taken off your credit report. There is no shortcut and no way to get these items removed quicker. So what are the ways of improving your credit score? The first is very simple. Just pay your bills on time and in full. This can be difficult and it might require sacrifice, but you must adopt timely and complete bill paying practices in order to establish good credit.

If you can’t pay your bills on time for some reason, you should always pay at least the minimum amount due. This will be the least likely to harm your credit score in the long run. Reduce the overall amount of debt that you are in. Be sure you put paying your debt ahead of other things in your life. The sooner your debt is paid, the sooner you’ll be able to buy the other things you want and keep the money you are earning, as well as improving your credit rating.

Another thing to remember when you are focused on improving your credit rating is that you should keep your credit card balances low and never go over the credit line. The more you go over the credit line, the worse your credit will be. In general, you want to be very attentive to how you are using your credit. Try not to make too many applications for credit. Applying for a credit card and getting rejected, for instance, can cause a negative mark to show up on your credit. These methods will help you improve your credit.

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Understanding The Process Of Financing REO Properties

Understanding The Process Of Financing REO Properties

Financing of REO apartments requires a clear understanding of various things. It is important for the investors interested in these apartments to make proper financial arrangements before buying any property. They can reach out to the banks for financing options for this kind of investments. The reason behind this is: banks can create financing packages and options for investors seeking to purchase the property in their REO portfolio.

Commercial lending is characterized by features that may easily lead an investor to make a mistake. Due to these rather complexities of the lenders, the buyers and investors have to assess the financial viability of the different properties. The occupancy of the REO Properties that are up for sale must match the expected returns over investment. The venture must be assessed to ensure that its viability is sustainable and reliable. Additionally, the type and nature of the investment must merit the urgent need to secure a loan to finance it. Without critically considering these, the investors would make a rash investment decision. Some of these decisions are costly to the venture.

The level of occupancy can affect the viability of investment in yet another way. The proportion of occupancy of the REO Properties may determine whether the investor would be able to get a loan or not. Different banks have different methods of arriving at their percentage rate of occupation. Low occupancy levels would reduce the chances of getting a loan to almost zero. The tougher regulations may even disqualify an investor from getting a loan from the bank. The investors have to familiarize themselves with the minimum acceptable occupancy level that would qualify them for a loan to finance their investment in REO Properties.

Some of the REO apartments are usually in a sorry state. Even though investors may buy them at incredibly low prices, they have to factor the costs of reinstating the apartments. The money has to be obtained from different sources. At times, the deal that appeared to be a rather ‘cheap’ investment could turn into a nightmare. The investors have to consult widely with the banks and the REO management firms on how the cost of repairs could be re-adjusted. However, most of these banks are usually reluctant to change their minds on the prices of these REO apartments. Nevertheless, the property would still have to be restored to their initial status in order for it to attract occupants.

After buying REO Properties that might have been out of shape, the investors could seek to get the funding from their investment. By carefully planning for the renovation process, they can get some money. The money could be from the rent from the occupants. Should there be occupants in the REO apartments at the time of buying, they can adjust the rent upwards in order to meet the cost of maintenance. Alternatively, the investors could look into stabilizing the occupancy of these REO Properties. Should they reach a given level, they could qualify for a loan that could finance the transformation of their apartments.…

Loan Options – Your Choices for Loans With Bad Credit

Loan Options – Your Choices for Loans With Bad Credit

Credit is a driving force of our economy, but sometimes we all get into a bind. It could be a broken down car, a sudden plumbing repair, or medical bills. Whatever the cause, the result is always the same – you need money quickly but don’t know just where to come up with it. If you’re trying to take out a bad credit loan such as loans after bankruptcy, then you may think that you have no options. But the truth is that there are loans out there for you, they just may not be what you really want.

Whether you’re looking for a loan after a proposal or another type of bad credit loan, you do have options. First of all, in all but the most extreme circumstances, you should say no to payday loans. These can seem like great opportunities but in truth they carry greater risks such as high payments and interest rates can carry greater risks can further damage your credit. There are much better ways to get loans after bankruptcy than through these types of loans, you simply need to know where to look and what to expect.

After you say no to payday loans, take a look at a financial institution and the types of loans after bankruptcy that they offer. And while interest rates are lower than ever, don’t expect a great interest rate when you take out a loan after a proposal or with poor credit. Since the bank is taking a real risk by loaning you the money, they’ll certainly want to cover their bases by applying a higher interest rate and stricter terms to your loan agreement. That said, a bad credit loan from a lending company is almost always better for you than a payday loan.

The best way to get a bad credit loan is simply to make an appointment to meet with a loan officer. You can fill out a good deal of information online, but getting a loan after a proposal can be difficult to do online due to the varying terms and conditions you might face. Speaking directly with a professional is usually a better option, and they can help you find loans after bankruptcy that you may not have even been aware of. In short, if you need cash in a pinch you should say no to payday loans and try to secure a more conventional loan. It may be easier than you think.…

Saving Money Starts With Your Home

Saving Money Starts With Your Home

Everyone is trying to cut costs. They are eating out less, renting movies instead of going to the theater. But did you know one of the best things you can do to save money is to fix up your house? That is right, but finding areas where you house is losing heat and fixing it you can cut your home heating costs dramatically.

Sealing up your house is something we all think about, but not many of us actually do it because it seems like an overwhelming task. But it isn’t really. Many of the energy saving jobs around the house actually only take a few minutes or a couple of hours. We aren’t talking weekend projects here. Just simple things that anyone can do that will help your home retain more heat.

The first thing you will want to do is cut the drafts. Cold air is a funny thing, it can find all kinds of places to seep into your home and steel the warmth. One of those strange places is in electrical outlets that are along the outside walls of your home. If you put your hand up to one of these outlets on a windy day, you will probably feel a little breeze coming through. Part of the reason for this is because the electrical boxes are put into place before the home is insulated. As a result, the insulation goes around the box, not behind it. Some homes have additional insulating sheets put on the outside of the house, but this isn’t always the case so you likely will have a draft coming through the light switches and electrical outlets.

This is actually a very easy fix. Most home improvement stores carry foam outlet insulating kits. These are foam inserts that fit inside the electrical box and help to seal out drafts. You simply take off the outlet cover and fit the insert inside. There are cutouts to go around the switches and outlets so they pop in very quickly. Put the cover back on and you are done!

Another common drafty area is the bottom of doors. Thresholds, especially wood ones, get old and start to wear out. As a result they don’t meet the bottom of the door anymore so the cold air comes through. This is also a simple fix. You can buy a new threshold at home improvement stores, or you can add some weather stripping along the bottom of the door if the gap isn’t too big. One sure way to stop drafts from outside doors is to put a rolled up towel or blanket along the bottom. This is a great way to keep the cold outside where it belongs!

These are just a couple of ways that you can keep the cold air out in the winter. They are simple fixes that will save you money and warmth every winter!…

Keys To Selecting Your Network Marketing Business

Keys To Selecting Your Network Marketing Business

Selecting a network marketing company to begin your home based business can be a daunting task for someone unfamiliar with the industry. While few options offer the advantages that a network marketing business does when it comes to cost to get started, low overhead and potential for economic rewards, finding the right opportunity is key to success. Many network marketers find they have had to join a number of companies before finding the right one. There are some keys to look for to help you find the right business quickly, if you know what they are.

Company Leadership:

Sound company leadership, like any business, should be a key item examined when selecting an opportunity to get involved with. Longevity of the company is something that is a must. Who wants to put the effort into creating a large team of distributors and customers, only to have the company go out of business, taking your paycheck with it? Leadership with proven experience and a long history of success in the network marketing industry is something that should be examined prior to signing up with any business opportunity. There is nothing more important than the management of the company when it comes to selecting an opportunity that is right for you. The potential for large income payouts is what draws people, rightly so, to network marketing, but you want that to be longterm income, not something that you enjoy today and it’s gone tomorrow. Management sets the tone for the company and will be responsible for the future growth of it and your business, as they bring on new products, open international markets, and determine the course that will be navigated in the future.

Compensation Plan:

There are a number of compensation plans that populate the network marketing industry, and there isn’t sufficient space here to discuss them all. But, there are some key things that should be examined when you are considering joining a company.

Does the compensation plan offer those new to the business an opportunity to make money quickly? There is no better feeling than getting that first check when you start your business, and the faster that happens, the more excited the person is to work their business, and more importantly remain with the business. The one big knock against the network marketing industry is the number of people who start a business, but quickly fall away. Ensuring that new distributors make money quickly is a must.

Does the compensation plan encourage teamwork for the long term? Many plans are set up to financially encourage distributors to work with people in their business when they first join, but then, as the business grows and those people end up in a portion that is so large that the distributor above no longer has an incentive to work with them. Look for a pay plan that rewards you for working with you entire team, longterm, regardless of how large your business grows. Of course, you are also interested in a compensation plan that will offer you serious financial rewards for your work, but I believe that if you find one that encourages the type of teamwork I’ve described, the financial rewards will go hand in hand.

Consumable Products:

High quality, consumable products that customers will want on a regular basis, should be the basis for any decision to start a business in the network marketing industry. Let’s face it, you can be the best bowling ball salesman in the world, but realistically you’ll see very few repeat customers. Products that enhance the lives of customers, are needed on a regular basis and are of a quality that you are confident in and proud to represent, will give you the vehicle you need to build a business that is based not just on distributors you sponsor, but consumers that are the true foundation of your financial success.


While there are other items to look at when selecting a network marketing opportunity that is right for you, I firmly believe that these are the ones that should be examined the closest. I see no other opportunity for everyday people to inexpensively begin their own business, where the potential for financial rewards are greater, than the network marketing industry. Do your homework; select the business that’s right for you and GO FOR IT!…