Take Online Paid Surveys – The Best and Quickest Way to Make Money Online Today Without a Website

Take Online Paid Surveys – The Best and Quickest Way to Make Money Online Today Without a Website

Like most people, you have likely fantasized about generating money from the comfort of home. To be able to stay at home with their kids and family, is a genuine dream for many people, as well as being able to work when it is more convenient, or simply just earning a little extra money. Individuals all around the world, from all walks of life are earning cash simply by filling out online surveys.

Companies are always in need of current feedback from their customers about their products, so you can make money by easily filling out online surveys. They are doing this in order to gauge what their customer base wants and needs, and can put out items that accomplish those desires. And because this information is so important to them, they are willing to pay households, send out free trials, even go so far as give you the product for free, just to get your honest opinion on it.

Companies such as these have discovered that online surveys are a highly effective method of collecting much needed information, while many customers have found them to be a convenient method of earning additional money, or for some, a full time income.

It’s simple to start yourself making money. Start by finding out if there are local programs accessible. Once you do this, pick and choose the surveys you want to do, and start yourself off with some quick surveys to begin making that extra money. Although at times, attempting to discover sites like this can be arduous, there are legitimate companies out there that will charge a small amount to match you with the right kinds of surveys for you, so that it is easy for you to be able to begin making money quickly, and not have to take days searching the Internet.…

The Money Is in the List – Internet Marketing 101

The Money Is in the List – Internet Marketing 101

Every company with a website needs an effective internet marketing strategy in order to grow and develop. Building a targeted opt-in list is a time-tested strategy that works.

Even with the power and reach of the Web, products and services must be marketed in order to develop a customer base. If the world doesn’t know about the business, there will be no customers, which results in no sales and no profit. Without profit a business cannot survive.

The power and reach of the internet is a double-edged sword. It not only offers the potential for the greatest business exposure in the history of business, it also houses the highest level of competition. As a result, in order to compete successfully internet marketers must use the most effective strategies available to realize any increase in productivity and sales.

The internet is a relatively young marketplace and millions or people are still learning how to navigate the system and work within it successfully. Too many fell into the trap of believing that all they had to do was hire a website designer to build a website, publish it on the internet and wait for customers to find them. Unfortunately, in many cases the thousands of dollars they spent for their website provided practically no return, or certainly nothing to the level they had anticipated.

They were correct in thinking that the internet was a good venue for marketing their business, but they didn’t have a clue about how to make it work – and unfortunately, most of the websites designers were also operating in the dark. Regardless of how wonderful the website is, if it doesn’t drive business, it has no value.

They did not know or did not understand a simple, relatively inexpensive strategy that can make all the difference. The strategy is opt-in or permission marketing. Ironically enough, many entrepreneurs believed (and still believe) that an opt-in list is just a waste of time and money. But, internet marketers in the know have a mantra…

The Money Is in the List

Why is that mantra true? It is simple really. People visit a site because they have an interest in what is being promoted. While there, they choose to fill out a form in order to get a free product, information, or service of some kind. As a result, they have given permission for the website owner to contact them and they permanently become part of that company’s mailing list (unless they send a request to be removed).

We are not talking about a typical mailing list that can be gathered from a wide variety of sources and may or may not be targeted. An opt-in list is permission-based and targeted. It works because there is no coercion involved, people are on the list by choice. Because of the consent factor and the option to unsubscribe at any time, the company cannot be accused of spamming.

Permission-based lists can be the foundation for success of any online business; and are often referred to as a business partnership – an appropriate reference because it is an agreement between the company and its customers.

As soon as a customer fills out the form, the company receives the information and can begin building a relationship with them through regular mailings such as newsletters, updates, product offerings, etc.

If communication with the customer is handled well, trust and confidence in the business builds. When the company stays in contact, the customer is more likely to buy and to continue buying, producing a solid income stream over time. People tend to buy from people they know (or feel like they know). As the experts say, the money is in the list.…

Owner Financing to Buy Land

Owner Financing to Buy Land

Traditionally, when someone buys real estate in the US. They will go through a third-party lender. It could be a big bank such as Coldwell Banker or Wells Fargo or a local Credit Union. A person or family will then take out a loan from this lender, for the price the seller is asking for the property. That loan s what we call a mortgage. In this case the lender gives the buyer money to buy the home and the seller walks away with cash in hand. The buyer and seller usually end relations once this transaction is made. Owner Financing, sometimes also called seller financing, is when the seller of a home, land or some other form of real estate, keeps the mortgage under their name and is paid by the buyer in monthly installments until the seller’s asking price is paid off. So for example. if a seller is looking to sell their home for $100,000. They may offer it at say a 15 year term at an 8% interest rate. The buyer will end up paying about $955/ month for 15 years. Once that term is up, and all payments have been made on time, the buyer then owns the property. The seller will then transfer the deed to their name.

Probably the best thing that owner-financing has to offer is it’s a fast and easy way for someone to move into a home or purchase some property. With a tradition mortgage through a bank. In order get that mortgage, you must qualify. So you must provide information about your income, your credit history, sometimes a background check mud be done. Then you must have an adequate downpayment or the bank won’t even give you the loan. Once you’ve met all those requirements, you can then buy the property but you will also have to ad closing costs on top of that downpayment and the loan itself. It ends up being a very costly affair just getting into a home or on some land. Generally speaking and depending on the owner/seller you go with, owner financing side-steps all those extra costs. There is usually no credit check, no or a small downpayment is required and there are no closing costs. You just agree to buy the property, and you start paying, simple as that. You must always do your due diligence on both the property and the owner but it is definitely a quicker and simpler process than going through a traditional third-party lender.

If you are looking to buy homestead land, you can usually forget about finding a mortgage that will cover it. Lenders don’t like to provide loans on raw land because they is nothing to back up that loan if you decide not to pay and they have to foreclose. Now I’ve never understood this because all the bank would have to do is build a cheap house on the property and the value of the property would soar but I guess this is too much leg-work for the bank. So owner-financing is really your best bet when looking to buy raw land, that is unless you actually have enough money to make a huge downpayment or enough to buy the land outright which few people do considering the increasing costs of land these days.

When it comes to property taxes, the seller usually pays the taxes and the buyer reimburses the seller for the money they put out for these local taxes. Ultimately the buyer pays all local taxes but since the property is still in the seller’s name until the loan is paid off, then all taxes must go through them and are their responsibility to pay. It is a condition for most if not all owner financiers that if the buyer does not reimburse taxes, they can then be evicted from the property. This may seem like a con but it is no different from not paying taxes directly to your local government or failing to pay tax escrow to your mortgage lender. No matter what the situation, if you fail to pay taxes, you will be kicked off of your property. Hence the saying, stop paying your taxes and see who really owns your property, but I digress.

There are a few cons to owner-financing. The main one being that the buyer does not truly own the home until the seller is paid in full. When you go with a traditional mortgage through a third-party lender you will usually get the deed to the property in your name right away but as mentioned above, this will not happen until the seller is paid in full. There is also the possibility that the seller could pocket all of your payments halfway or all the way through …

Now UCC It – Now You Don’t!

Now UCC It – Now You Don’t!

I thought that the enactment of revised article-9 of the Uniform Commercial Code would put an end to faulty debtor names and make the job of searching for UCC filings an easier task. The revised commercial code established the ‘standard search logic’ of a jurisdiction as the ‘litmus test’ to ensure that a filer got the name correct, I think we all believed the issue of debtor names on financing statements had been settled once and for all.

Wrong! Since the adoption of the revised code and recent interpretation of the code issues are emerging. We will discuss some of these issues we can control and some we have absolutely no control over and how we can mitigate our risk when filing UCC financing statements.

The International Association of Commercial Administrators, IACA, is a group whose membership is composed of Secretary of State officials responsible for the indexing and administering UCC filings and the standard search logic to locate those filings in the index. At the IACA conference in May 2007 a discussion in the secured transaction section erupted over two issues that are at the core of determining if a debtor names meets the requirement for “not seriously misleading.” The first issue is how to index foreign text characters and the second issue was search logic.

Foreign text characters (accents, umlauts, etc.) are a concern with the filing offices (and filers) as these foreign characters cannot be typed on a US Keyboard and as a result there is no agreement as to how these characters should be entered into the index. Although at first this may appear to be a minor issue, however, the indexing of the name has a direct effect on whether or not that name can be located when a search of the index is conducted. Examples of how this would affect the search can be demonstrated with the name E’LAN. Depending on the state’s computer system, E’LAN may be indexed as ELAN or ‘ELAN or E’LAN. Since it is not possible to put the accent mark over top of the “e” as it exists in the native country.

There is no consensus among the states as to how foreign characters should be indexed, and as a result up to three separate searches may be required to yield results when searched. The second issue that was debated at

IACA should cause concern for anyone who conducts UCC searches or performs UCC filings. The membership of IACA, State officials responsible for indexing, did not feel notice was required when changes were made to the search logic.

As you know, search logic has a direct effect on whether a filing is considered “seriously misleading” and therefore effective or non-effective. Remember, If a filing is located by the state’s standard search logic, that filing is not seriously misleading and would perfect a security interest.

Would a change in search logic affect a filing previously performed? Absolutely! If a change is made to the search logic subsequent searches may not yield the same result as the search in your file (assuming that you conducted a search to reflect to verify the the standard search logic captured your filing.) More damaging is filings that were

not located when you granted a loan that could suddenly prime your UCC as now they are located! Another possibility is that the filing you made and verified as not “seriously misleading” is suddenly ineffective because it is no longer located by the state’s search logic.

Courts have repeatedly found that, “Little more is asked of a secured creditor than to accurately record the debtor’s name, and according to the statute failure to perform this action clearly dooms the perfected status of a security interest.” In re Tyringham Holdings, Inc., 354 B.R. 363 VA (2006). We as searchers and filers have no control over the search logic and whether states choose to change to it without our notice.

Massachusetts recently (2010) caused a stir in the UCC filing world when they announced that they are considering enacting a change to their search logic whereby only the exact name provided on the search request would be searched and therefore only exact matches would be returned. Although some may concern this great news, remember that in one case, spacing rendered a filing ineffective.

In Host Am. Corp v. Costline Fin. Inc., 2006 U.S. Dist. Lexis 35727 (D. Utah May 30, 2006) the debtors name was K.W.M. a filing was made under the name KWM, and then later corrected to K. W. M. because the state of Utah’s search logic did not exclude spacing when a search of the debtor name was conducted using the actual name of the debtor K.W.M. the financing statement under K. W. M. was not located and …

Make Money With Your Own Website

Make Money With Your Own Website

Home Website Center is a one-stop solution which allows you to create, manage, monitor and finally market the products you have up for sale on your own website within minutes. In order to successfully make money on an e-commerce website, you need not even possess any technical skills or even knowledge. This is because the product that is offered to you to build your websites fully automates the websites. This means that simply with a click of a button, you will have able to have your own website hosted online within minutes. You do not have to waste time and money building your website with half-baked technical competencies. Products offered by home website center will solve all these problems for you. To get started, you will just need to enter your details. By using products on home website center, you will get free PayPal integration, 24/7 support, monthly updates, product websites, choice of templates, marketing guides and website statistics.

Once you have your website up, you can start making money instantly. Home website center makes every effort to accurately represent their products and their potential to generate income for website owners. Home website center does not make false promises about the amount of earnings website owners can make but instead provides estimates of what it thinks its customers are likely to make. Though the products allow you to make money quite easily, the e-commerce website owners should also be dedicated, motivation and have the desire to succeed. Complement the product offered with your skills, creativity, effort, expertise, cost structure and talents to generate revenue for yourself.

In all, home website center has gained positive testimonials from those who have used the products. Clients are largely satisfied with the results they have seen after using the products to built their own e-commerce website. For instance, one client I earned $250 in the first week of online operations and is now earning more than $8,000 a month. Another testimonial praised the products for enabling the owner to earn revenue within minutes of building and using the website.…

Three Reasons That Financial Services Stocks Are Attractive Right Now

Three Reasons That Financial Services Stocks Are Attractive Right Now

One of the most attractive sectors for investors looking at under valued shares has been the financial services sector. This is because financial services companies are among the first companies that are expected to gain from a recovering economy. (Coincidentally, it was also the same sector that pushed the economy into the latest recession, but more about that later).

Over the past few months and definitely over the last year, there has been much debate about whether investors should place their money in such a doubtful sector of the economy. And with continued losses being reported by these firms, it seems that more and more people are heeding to such arguments and dumping these firms from their personal portfolios.

The argument goes, however, that these are the very firms that people should now be purchasing. Here are several current indicators which prove that while financial services firms continue to show disappointing numbers in the face of an economy that is only very slowly recovering, these firms will benefit tremendously and rather quickly.

1. Merger and Acquisitions. In the oil sector alone, Mergers and Acquisition activity amounted to nearly $37 Billion dollars. Other activity includes Dell’s bid for 3Par, MasterCard’s bid for DataCash, Intel’s purchase of McAfee, HP’s purchase of a security firm, the Newcrest and LGL merger worth $22 Billion alone, and many others. This type of activity requires the services of a bank and the largest banks will be among those who profit.

2. House prices. Although home sales have dropped considerably recently, a lot of economists suggest that the recent rebound in housing was largely due to a tax credit that recently expired. Noteworthy is that home prices continue to increase, a sign that people are paying more for their homes and increasing their wealth. As equity positions improve, people will need their retail banks more. This bodes well for the retail financial services that many firms have.

3. High profit margins. Although it was alarming and somewhat angering that many of the largest firms were in danger of being insolvent and bankrupt, it should not have come as much of a surprise that they were quickly and relatively easily able to repay government bailout funds. With an ability to retain cash and enjoy high profit margins even during the worst of times, financial services firms that are better capitalized and managed in the future will stand to enjoy even greater profitability as the economy recovers.

As shown by the above, investors should at least think twice about dismissing the financial services firms that they hold in their investment portfolios. With a recovery in the works, these could be the leaders in your portfolio over the long term.…

What Do You Need For Your First Mortgage?

What Do You Need For Your First Mortgage?

Are you applying for your first mortgage but do not know how to go about it? Are you financially prepared for this obligation? Do you think you can meet the mortgage financing requirements? If you are not sure with your answers to all this questions, you better read through this article so that you would have more knowledge about mortgage financing.

Preparing for your First Mortgage

Financial companies and creditors would definitely want to be sure that their customers are good payers so that they will never lose their business. This is the reason why you have to prepare when applying for your first mortgage. An excellent credit history would definitely give you a higher chance of approval. In addition to that, having a good credit report will help you save money.

Because one of the bases of the interest rate is your credit report, you would definitely be able to get the finest offer. Months before applying for a loan, you could ask for a copy of your credit report so that you could fix delinquent payments as well as other inconsistencies on the report.

Important Facts that you have to know about Mortgage Financing

• It is important to choose a lender with a good reputation so that you will not be stuck with a mortgage that you do not like. You have to make sure that the financing company is stable and capable of providing utmost customer service. You should also check which lending business have already long existed in the industry and have already satisfied many customers. Do not settle for the first mortgage offer that you receive because there might be other offers which are better.

• It would be better if you save for a bigger down payment first before applying for your first mortgage loan so that the monthly payment would be lower. By doing this, you would also pay lower interest. Keep in mind that the longer you have to pay for the property; it would be subject to higher interest rates.

• Going through a pre approval process is more advantageous and beneficial than applying for a non pre selected offer. Although it could be difficult to get a pre approved offer, it will still be safe to avoid requirement problems. You can also use this to negotiate with property owner because the pre approval connotes that you are a serious and trustworthy buyer as well.

• Before signing any legal document and contract, you have to be sure that there are no hidden charges associated with your loan. You would not want to be surprised with a high monthly payment.

• Calculate your monthly cost including property taxes and insurance. These should be considered so that you know whether the lender would have to collect these fees from you or if you need to pay this yourself.

Buying a house is a serious investment that needs proper knowledge. It is important that you are well aware of what you are getting into so that you will not end up empty handed because of foreclosure. Make your first mortgage a wonderful and pleasing experience by being vigilant and watchful of the terms and conditions of the loan.…