Every year, thousands of people are in auto accidents, and only a fraction of them wind up following up with legal help. Even when you account for the number of accidents that happen in no-fault insurance states and those settled without contention when claims are made, an astounding number of people who are entitled to compensation for damages after a crash wind up leaving their legal rights dormant and paying their own way for things someone else should cover. In part, this happens because people don’t understand whether they have a case or not. Sometimes, it’s also because they perceive the cost of a lawyer as prohibitive.

Seeking Legal Advice

If you aren’t sure yet whether you need an accident lawyer Columbia MD, seeking legal advice through a consultation with an attorney that works in the niche can help you make the decision. Legal advice is like a preview of your case, where you can talk through what happened, what evidence you have, and what the options typically look like for someone in your situation. This gives many people the insight they need to judge whether it would be worthwhile to pursue a case in addition to an insurance claim.

Times You Definitely Need a Lawyer

Of course, there are times you just know you need an attorney. For example, if someone else is clearly at fault for an accident but the insurance claim for your damages gets denied for some reason, you need your rights protected. Other situations that clearly call for an attorney in your corner include accidents where the other driver was under the influence of drugs or alcohol and those where there is a clear liability and a personal injury. If you can recognize these situations for yourself, then you can cut right to finding the right lawyer. If you’re not sure what they look like, that’s when an accessibly priced consultation with a top accident attorney in the area is just the help you need.

By Suzana