All businesses need a hub. If you’re an entrepreneur and have decided that your home is that hub, you will need to arrange the space to make it work for you and your business.


To be successful you need to be organized. Keep your documents and files in order using simple methods.

  • Filing cabinets are a valuable tool for anyone who has a lot of paperwork. They are not very expensive, but if you’re on a budget look into used office file cabinets. They are often gently used with little to no damage from their previous owner and can be painted to suit your style.

Desk and Surfaces

Whether you sell a product or offer a service, you need to have a space for your computer and to spread out if you need to. Find surfaces that fit the space and help the room to flow functionally.

  • Shop your home to see what you have that could work in your space. Is there an old dining table in the garage that you could use? What about an unused sideboard in the guest room? You could always look at thrift stores as well. A quick sanding and paint job can transform a secondhand piece in minutes.


You might run a business, but you are not a machine. You need to be inspired and reminded why you do what you do, so keep pieces nearby that help. These can be as simple as a family photograph or an inspirational quote that you keep on your desk.

  • Buy a cheap corkboard and some fun tacks and create an inspiration board. Anything that keeps you going — positive feedback from clients, notes from your children, a copy of your first paycheck — should be pinned there to serve as a positive reminder for you to keep going.

Make your home office perfect for you to help you do your best. Clear out a room in your home and check off the necessities for a home office.

By Suzana