The Financial Pillar of Harmonic Wealth

If I say the word “wealth”, what comes to your mind? If I describe someone as wealthy, what comes to your mind? Many people associate wealth with having a lot of money and a wealthy person as a very rich person. Contrary to this popular belief, wealth is not just about having a lot of money. Wealth is about balance in all aspects of life.

This article is the first in a series that discusses the basic principle of harmonic wealth. In addition to being financially successful, wealth is also about maintaining good health and relationships. It is also about being spiritually at peace with yourself and everyone and everything around you. There are five pillars of the harmonic wealth:

* Financial pillar

* Relational pillar

* Mental pillar

* Physical pillar

* Spiritual pillar

This article focuses on the financial pillar. You cannot be financially successful while holding on to negative beliefs about money. You might not even realize that you have these beliefs. It might be so ingrained in you that you’re not conscious of it. Grab a pen and paper and make a list of negative beliefs about money that you have or you may have heard of. Here are a few common ones (you may add to the list):

* “Money doesn’t grow on trees”

* “Money is the root of all evils”

* “You can’t be rich and honest”

* “Rich people are crooks”

* “I can’t be rich and successful because I didn’t go to college”

These limiting beliefs are not true. Getting over them and nurturing a positive attitude about money is the first step toward financial success. In other words, having money and being wealthy, in true sense of the term, requires a great deal of understanding and adopting a positive attitude towards wealth. Financial success is directly proportional to the attitude that you have towards money.

Money is only a tool. You can use it for good or you can use it for evil — the choice is yours. Money is like a magnifier that highlights your negative as well as positive qualities. A good person will use money for good and an evil person will use it for evil. Money is not the root of all evil. It is the love of money that is the root of evil. Money doesn’t make you a better or worse person; it simply magnifies what you already are. After you’ve identified your limiting beliefs, you need to start cultivating new, positive beliefs towards money. For this purpose,

Financial success does not come without self-growth to be able to handle success. The results you get are a reflection of you. Thus, in order to be wealthy, you need to be mature enough and know how to handle success once you attain it. Did you know that most lottery winners are broke within 3 years of winning it? More important than the ability to make money is the ability to keep the money you make.

Wealthy people have the right mindset about money. Because of this, they are not only able to make a lot of money, they are also able to sustain their wealth. Wealthy people who lost their fortune, e.g. Donald Trump, are often able to make them back. The difference between the lottery winners and people like Donald Trump lies in what’s within them, i.e. their belief system.

Creating and maintaining financial success means you have to be willing to stretch yourself, take risks, do what most people are unwilling to do, take massive actions and persevere to face challenges. While it is true that money cannot buy happiness, money presents you with more options. It is important to remember that happiness comes from within you — happiness is not about what money can buy.

Here is an important question you should answer: Why do want to have money? You must have a clear sense of purpose in order to justify your want for money. If used for good purpose, it can bring harmony to your and people around you. Money can be used not only to attain physical comfort, but also be used as a spiritual tool.

Thus money would determine your level of tenacity and dedication in life. Achieving wealth in a harmonious manner would necessitate having a balanced approach. Mental stimulation along with physical hard work should be combined to make money. Pursuit to dream and eventually happiness is inextricably related to patience, perseverance and a strongly focused approach.

Another important thing to remember is that getting money is about giving more value than what you desire, i.e. you should give more so that you become more. Instead of focusing on how to make a million dollars, you should ask yourself what service and value you can offer to have a million dollars. Once you are ready to offer services worth a million dollars instead of asking for a million dollars, inner growth will foster. Before asking for anything in return, you must ensure that you give ten times more than what you ask in return.

With a right attitude, you can in fact achieve much more in life than what you can possibly imagine. Once you are able to waive all inhibitions and chase your dreams with a balanced and sincere approach, success is not that far off. You should watch your thoughts and actions carefully. People who are truly wealthy are great givers.

By Suzana