How To Make Money Online With Freelife International

Who is Freelife International?

Freelife International opened their doors in 1995 by Ray Faltinsky and Kevin Fournier. They are most known for their breakthrough in the health and wellness arena with the product Himalayan Goji Juice. Since opening they have been a leader in scientific research on their products among their competitors. They have since upgraded their Himalayan Goji Juice to GoChi and have also come out with a weight loss program called Taislim. They have been ranked #296 on the Inc. 500 List, making Freelife International one of the fastest growing privately held companies in America.

The Health and Wellness Industry

Did you know that out of all of the MLM companies there are around 4800 in the health and wellness arena? This means that if you are in Freelife or want to be with this company, you have more competition than you may realize. You will be competing with the likes of Amway, Monvaie, Herbalife, Ardyss, and so many other companies, not to mention the other thousands of people in Freelife. Rest assured however, that with proper training and a proper online mlm lead generation system you can build a Freelife business without the “mine is better than yours/theirs” game.

How To Make Money Online With Freelife International

Here are some things you need:

-Learn how to set yourself apart from the crowd by offering 100% pure value (i.e. training, education, motivation, etc). People don’t do business with companies, they do business with people. You need to sell them on who you are and what you have to offer instead of how amazing your product and/or company is.

-Do NOT bring up your products or opportunity until you have established a need or want that what you have may fill. That means asking a lot of questions. If they ask you what you do, then give them something somewhat vague, not avoiding the answer, but something that sparks curiosity. The more they are interested, the more they will ask, the more you will respond with questions, and eventually you will get to the point where you know if they might need or want what you have to offer.

-Get connected with a coach/trainer and a proven online mlm lead generation system. You must learn how to generate your own leads and how to stay connected with them 24/7 (i.e. autoresponders, blog, etc).

-Learn to make money on the 95% of those will not join your Freelife International business by doing affiliate marketing

-Get a marketing plan in place consisting of both short term and long term marketing strategies. This is something your coach and your online mlm lead generation system will help you with.

With these things in place and mastered, you will never have a shortage of new people coming into your business. Without a shortage of new people, you will never find yourself feeling desperate, and will be farther ahead than 99% of network marketers. This plan is exactly how to make money online with Freelife International or any company for that matter and have the success you have been looking for.

By Suzana