Starting Your Online Business – 3 Tips For Going From Saturday Morning Blogger to Full Time Marketer

While I was still working full time, Saturday morning became the time for me to write articles, post to my blog, and create new products. I stopped shopping for anything more than food and essentials, turned off the television, and delegated many activities to family members. The result was that my life became more organized, I was more focused on my goal, and everything seemed to work much better in my life.

If you are working on becoming a full time online marketer, see if any of these ideas will work for you. This is my plan for going from Saturday morning blogger to full time marketer in six months or less.

Turn off the television. I have written about this before, but I know some of you are still looking forward to the new fall lineup of programs. Set your recorder and watch them later. Then you can speed through the commercials and see which shows you simply can’t live without. Choose just one show to watch in replay for the next six months and see how much more time you have.

Stay away from the mall and other retail stores. Shopping became a mindless activity for me for many years. I believe I went shopping to relieve the stress of working two jobs and not having the life I wanted. Now I only shop for the exact items on my list. I also park next to the entrance of the store I need to visit so I am not distracted by any other stores.

Ask family and friends to help you. I was always the one who would pick up the dog’s insulin at the vet’s office, drop off and pick up dry cleaning, and do other things that took time I needed for my business. Now I have delegated those activities to others and I can’t imagine doing them again. See what you can delegate and I promise you will not return to your previous ways.

These are just a few ways to free up time so you can get to work on your online business. I can guarantee this will change your life.

By Suzana