WebHost4Life Review – MLM Opportunity?

WebHost4Life Review, aka is an MLM opportunity based on web hosting solutions. Let us look at what they have to offer.

While searching multi level marketing or MLM opportunities to review I came across this one offering a couple options to make money online from a home based business. The services offered include domain registration, web-hosting solutions like ms hosting and Unix hosting, e-commerce services, marketing services and email services.

They make claim that their ms power server is less than ten percent occupied offering much more speed and capabilities. They boast a premium service and support team available 24/7 and e-chat options. The packages I found on site range from $4.95 for a domain all the way up to $499 for complete package.

The opportunities offered by WebHost 4 Life are that of an affiliate marketing position or a reseller. The affiliate can make up to $75 for each referral they sign on. The affiliate will have full access to pre made links and banners they can install on their site or put in their e-mails. The other option is that of a reseller where one can sell web hosting under his or her own brand name. Ideal for the web designer or small business looking to improve website.

The opportunity offered by webhost4life appears to be a good fit for the experienced marketer or web designer looking to make a living in website management. However, the person new to marketing on the internet without learning the basics will likely struggle. Do your due diligence and get the training, coaching and mentoring available to all.

By Suzana