Wealthy Affiliate Membership – Is it Money Worth Spent?

A paid membership site, Wealthy Affiliate University is a great place not only to learn but can be called one stop centre that can cater the needs ranging from newbies to more advanced internet marketers. Are you wondering what they offer inside? Read on to find out more about it.

First, the trainings provided.

To sum it up, it is actionable. What does it mean? In step-by-step training, you are given direction like “after you do this, you do that” kind of instruction although I might add that the time space before the next training made available is a bit turn-off thing for me. You know, to ensure that you did the assignment and get the lesson ‘sink in’. You decide yourself if you can benefit from that kind of training, provided you complete the assignments diligently. The very fact that I get this article published albeit lacking is a by-product of the training provided.

Second, the tools.

Last time I checked, there are 10 drop down options for “Tools and Research” tab. I don’t even use them all to be honest. I just use link cloaker tool, keyword research tool and their unlimited hosting. Having all in one place is certainly convenient can improve your efficiency and time saving as well. Surely, the tools provided can be found anywhere else online but the important point here is you have it all in one place.

Third, the community.

Having a community that share the same interest with you certainly encourage success. Not that they are no free forum on the Internet in internet marketing niche though, you can find one by easily search it on search engine but the difference between paid and free forum is the level of commitment, the drive to help others to achieve success together.

There you have it my view on Wealthy Affiliate membership. The trainings, the tools and the community in exchange for a fee. Anyone can tell you all the good points about something, but at the end of the day it is you yourself that makes the call.

By Suzana