Today’s Bad Economic Times

Today’s Bad Economic Times

Are you and your spouse fighting over money matters? Is there not enough money to go around? Are the bills coming in faster than money going out? I would say almost everyone is having a tough time nowadays, but it’s not something that we should let rule our life. Instead, we have to be more creative. I know it’s easy for me to say, but I’ve seen different family members who have made a way in some of the most difficult times. For example, during the great depression, my grandmother took a gray pair of my uncle’s trousers and when I was a child, made me a dress out of it. So, there are different things that you can do in order to make ends meet. First of all, there are ways to winterize your home. You can try little steps to help save on heat. For example, purchase some plastic for your windows as some are drafty in the wintertime. Also, you can purchase at a store or make some kind of a draft stop by placing it along the bottom of your door to keep the cold draft out. If your family is still cold, you can go into your neighborhood store and purchase some of those warm fuzzy throws to put around yourself to keep you warm and then there’s always the warm house slippers to keep your feet warm too.

Next, when you get ready to go grocery shopping it helps to look at the ads in the newspaper or wherever else you can find them. Check which grocery store can give you the most value for your money. Don’t be afraid to shop around. Let’s say that you are in need of some new clothes, but it’s just not in your budget right now. Check out some 2nd hand shops. You would be surprised what values you can find. Nobody will ever know. If you like to eat out sometimes again check around for values in your area. You could also save some money by ordering a regular meal, and then ask for a doggy bag. That way you will have another meal and can save some money. Now, if you’re in the habit of eating out a lot (we all like to do this), but it starts costing a lot of money, try to prepare more meals at home to save money. Purchasing a cookbook and learning how to cook at home is important when trying to save more money.

When you go to the grocery store and you want to purchase something like let’s say ketchup for example it’s good to look all over the area in the grocery store shelves to make sure that you are getting the best bang for your buck. Don’t just grab the first ketchup that you see. Scout around.

Also, nowadays, people are purchasing some food that is marked down like for an example a beef steak. When purchasing marked down food like a steak it’s a good idea to do this, but just make sure it’s still fresh enough to eat, and please look at the dates to make sure. I spoke with a grocer a couple of weeks ago, and they said that more and more people can’t afford purchasing the high-priced steaks right now because of the economy, so they are looking at and purchasing marked down meat at the grocery store.

Eating at home also is a good idea because if you are trying to lose some weight, that way you can better control what you are going to eat. When you eat out you are more inclined to eat more than you should.

When wanting to paint your home sometimes you can purchase paint that has already been mixed up with a color that somebody changed their mind about purchasing and you can purchase a can of paint at a much reduced price. Just ask the store if they have any paint that has already been made and that someone didn’t want because they changed their mind. I’ve purchased many a can of quality paint that was reduced because someone changed their mind about the color, etc.

Let’s say that you are really hurting, you’ve lost your job and you don’t have enough money to pay your bills, etc. Don’t feel ashamed because of your situation or circumstances. You shouldn’t feel bad. Sometimes you can get help from your church. Sometimes you can get help from other resources. Just search around and find someone or some organization that can help you until you can get back on your feet.

You see nowadays couples are struggling very much and for different reasons. Don’t take out all of your frustration and anger that you are having about money on your spouse or your children. Just look around you, and as my dad always said to me, “Billie Jean, just look around you there’s always someone worst off than you are.” I will always remember what my dad said as it is so true. Sometimes, we feel bad and sad for ourselves when we are in a bad situation, but we have to look around us, and instead of feeling sorry for ourselves, we need to reach out to others and help others as much as we can, especially in today’s trying economic times. And, when we reach out and help others that will make us too feel better too about our situation. During economic times like we have today, we all need to help each other. Be it, through donations, or physically helping others who need help.

I hope this helps you and your relationship during these trying economic times. Remember, don’t take it out on your family. Just look around you, there’s always someone worst off. Getting angry doesn’t help anything or anybody. Just work on finding a good resolution for your situation.