The Fiverr Secret To Using Facebook Fanpages For Extra Income

My father (as well as my uncle) would always tell me throughout my life that if I want something done right, I have to do it myself. Though that old adage is indeed true, there’s only so far just one person can stretch themselves. After all, if I want to grow my business, I’ll need to eventually seek more help.

I dabble in many types of money-making activities and Facebook is one of the main ways I do business. When I got my initial start in Facebook Fanpage marketing, I started throwing my money down the black hole of go-nowhere Fiverr gigs, hoping to get the engine running fast.

After going to a few too many non-marketers offering to advertise my stuff to their huge lists, I was almost ready to write off what is quickly becoming the web`s most popular outsourcing site. Don’t get me wrong, Fiverr is awesome, but if you’re going to make it anywhere using this site you have to know how to cut through the clutter – and man, is there ever a lot of clutter to cut through.

What gigs am I talking about? You know them by now I’m sure:

“I will advertise your fanpage to my friends and get you a billion fans overnight for five dollars”

“I will post a link to your website on my Facebook account and get you an avalanche of traffic in just 30 minutes for five dollars”

“I will design a page for you that will get you a ‘Like’ from everyone who visits your page for five dollars”

In my experience, the vast majority of these gigs are really quite lame. Thank heavens I only paid five dollars at a time. But considering that the average gig takes more than one day to fulfill, we have to take into account that the process of ordering a gig does in fact cost more than five dollars.

The truth is, a lot of the people on Fiverr aren’t marketing minded and really don’t have the first clue of how to promote your Facebook page. Believe me, it takes a whole lot more than simply just clicking a button. Anyone who sends you a screen capture of them hitting the ‘Submit’ button on their suggestion page, simply doesn’t understand the dynamics of marketing.

You really have to get more out of your money as well as your time and not wait for others to “get it.” Do you know how much time it takes me to set-up a new fanpage and populate it with content? It only takes me twenty minutes to have it up and running and I usually have several fans within the hour.

How? Simple, I went to the trouble of learning to follow a formula that’s all about time management mixed with targeted products. Never do I spend hours fiddling around with my page, I get everything going fast and let my fans do the rest. The point is simple – though you can have yourself a great outsourcing operation with Fiverr, you’d best manage every last aspect of fanpages yourself.

By Suzana