The Best Way to Make Money Online – From a Wealthy Affiliate

Are you frustrated trying to make money online? Keep reading to find out the best way to make money online, it really is easier than you may think. I was fairly new to the making money online as an internet marketer when I finally came across a couple of methods that bring me in consistent profits. One of my main goals starting out was to build my business with all free advertising, since I was starting with little money. Most of these methods are free and all work well.

Article Marketing

If you ever wanted to make money online and do it free, then article marketing is something you will definitely want to pursue. There are many internet marketers who use article marketing exclusively to drive traffic to their websites and make a tremendous amount of money in doing so. Article marketing allows you to get highly targeted traffic to your affiliate links or websites easily by writing articles related to your industry or niche and submitting the articles to article directories for free distribution. Articles are a great way to build credibility within your market.

Pay-Per- Click Marketing

Pay-per-click marketing, if done right, is by far the most profitable method of marketing there is. It can also be the most difficult and costly to learn. With pay-per-click advertising, advertisers pay the search engine (for example, Google, Yahoo and Bing to name a few of the larger ones) only when their ad is clicked on. Advertisers typically bid on long tail keywords (3 or more words strong together to form a keyword phrase) that are relevant to their niche or website. Cost Per Click or CPC is how much an advertiser pay every time someone clicks on their advertisement.

Email Marketing

Email marketing allows you to build a large list of prospective customers. By building an opt-in list of customers (meaning that they have given permission to you, saying it is “ok” to contact them) you are building a relationship with your visitors. You can provide them with good information about a certain topic or you can provide information and sell a product that may help. Email marketing is NOT SPAM and connecting with your visitors is a technique that all successful internet marketers use.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization or SEO is a technique to get free or natural search engine placement for your website. It is very important to build SEO friendly websites, blogs and articles so that you can get a free listing in the search engines. The theory is that the higher a site is listed in the search results, the more visitors it will receive from the search engine. Search engine optimizing a website involves editing its content and HTML code to increase its relevance to a specific keyword and to ensure the indexing activities of the search engines

Website Development

Creating a website that is optimized for your specific audience and is rich in content, is a key component to any profitable Internet marketing campaign. It can make the difference between a profitable marketing campaign and one that fails. Little changes like link location, call-to-action links, title, headlines and other landing page techniques can mean the difference in thousands of dollars in sales each month.

Market Research and Finding a Niche

All successful internet marketers spend a lot of time researching and trying to uncover hot niches with people waiting to spend money. Market research is the most important part of any successful marketing campaign. It does not matter what technique of lead generation you use, if you don’t understand your target market, you will not succeed in that niche.

I have found that using a combination of these techniques is the best way to make money online and that it is possible to build a successful online business using only free traffic generating techniques.

By Suzana