Sustainable Home-Building: Why Environmentally Friendly Living Is Right For You And Your Family

Sustainable Home-Building: Why Environmentally Friendly Living Is Right For You And Your Family

For the environmentally friendly-minded home builder or buyer, the time has never been better to be able to live in a home that is easy on both the environment and the wallet. Today’s home building market caters increasingly to creating economic incentives for building homes that are less of a burden on the environment, meaning that you can achieve peace of mind that you are creating a better world through sustainable living while also saving yourself money.

Reducing Your Carbon Footprint Is Good For The Environment

Some of the options available to home builders today include gas-boosted solar water systems, passive solar orientation design, full eaves, and new insulation technologies. Each of these sustainable home design methods create a more efficient home that is in turn less of a burden on the traditional sources of power that utilise non-renewable energy sources.

Passive solar orientation home design makes it possible for your home to collect, store, and distribute solar energy throughout your home, all without relying on any energy source except the natural energy provided by the sun. In the winter, passive solar orientation keeps your home warmer, and in the summer it keeps your home cooler. Finding a house and land package that will be well suited to passive solar orientation design is a great first step in building a dream home that is also sustainable.

Similar to passive solar orientation, solar water systems utilise the power of the sun to create a more cost-effective way of heating your water. Another easy customisation for increased sustainability is increasing eave size. By increasing the size of the eaves on your home, you create a simple way of keeping extra heat out of your home in the summer. Additionally, a well-insulated home is able to keep the cool out in the winter and the heat out in the summer. Both are simple, cost-effective ways of maximising your home’s energy efficiency by decreasing its energy usage.

Reducing Your Carbon Footprint Is Good For Your Wallet

Unlike other forms of energy, sunshine is free! By building a home that utilises simple and natural methods for decreasing your home’s reliance on non-renewable energy sources, you not only help the environment, but you also ensure that your wallet will be fatter as you will spend significantly less on energy costs over the lifetime of your home. Of all of the options available to the modern home builder, it is important to keep your carbon footprints in mind and make responsible decisions that will benefit the environment while also benefiting yourself. Luckily, it is a great time to build a sustainable home. There are more options than ever before in sustainable home design and one no longer has to decide between style and sustainability.

Finding a home builder that shares your commitment to sustainable living is an important first step in building a home that will save you money in the long run. Some homes now require minimum energy star ratings for all of their family home designs. Working with a home builder who has sustainability built into their design philosophy ensures that you will end up with a custom home that will not only reflect your lifestyle, but also your values.