Save Money on Your Phone Bill With a VOIP Service

Who could have imagined that digital convergence would allow us to use computer as a phone. It could be used by people sitting in remote locations within a city or across the globe to communicate. The ease and convenience it can offer is instrumental. Compared to the regular PSTN or mobile calls it is much cheaper too. All you would need to set up and interact with people includes an active Internet connection and a VOIP enabled application. Voice over Internet protocol, VOIP is a technology that leverages the preexisting Internet infrastructure to connect people remotely.

If you are looking to interact with people online instead of phone, you would need a speaker and microphone to communicate. These days some of the smartest gadgets are available in the market which have inbuilt camera and microphone. You can buy a USB version of the device manufactured by Logitech. VOIP can provide you a fully loaded environment with a rich communication experience – audio, audio visual and with recording facilities.

VOIP can help you save a lot of money as the billing is calculated on the basis of per MB downloaded instead of per minute of billing in the PSTN enabled calls or cell phone calls. Plus you cannot see the visuals or share documents and interact in a conventional telephony setup.

Various vendors including The Magic Jack, Net2Phone are leveraging from the VOIP technologies and are offering attractive rates to consumers to place calls to USA, Canada, Europe and more destinations in cheap rate. However, you can choose from the freeware software including Skype and Yahoo. You can register with them and create a free account. That’s it! You can start sharing the audio visuals on the go without any extra cost or VOIP service plan instantly and in a simple manner. Discover through VOIP on new ways to use your computer as a phone.

By Suzana