Rules to Save Up Money

If you are taking time and energy to search for the best cruise deals in order to save some money, it is equally important to be cost effective while you are making your pre trip arrangements. Here are some ideas to help you save money while you get ready for your cruise.

Rule number one is to take what you have with you.

You don’t have to get a new wardrobe before you start packing, and the outfits that you wore last summer are just fine for your cruise. Remember the cruise is not going to be a fashion show, rather a time to relax and enjoy yourself. Bringing your flowered shirts and last years bathing suit is perfectly acceptable.

The same rule applies to luggage also. No one is going to notice what kind of suitcase you are traveling with. You are spending time on a ship, with a room, so just toss your clothes into any kind of suitcase or bag because you are unloading them right into dressers when you get on board.

Bring cash and hide the credit cards.

Leave your credit card alone unless there is an emergency expense you have to cover. For day to day spending, set a budget before you go and determine how much you are going to spend of souvenirs and other items. Put the amount you choose aside and use that on your cruise. This helps protect you from using your credit card too much and having regrets later on.

Stock up on film for pictures before you go.

No cruise is complete without taking pictures of your vacation and sharing them with friends and family when you get back. However, paying for film on board will cost a lot more money than getting them at your neighborhood store. So get the film before you go.

Using these tips will help you to save money above and beyond what you saved when booking the cruise. Plan ahead and be frugal in your preparations, and you will have more to spend when you get under way. Have a great trip!

By Suzana