Real Web Traffic Generating Options – Available at A Low Or Zero Cost

Real Web Traffic Generating Options – Available at A Low Or Zero Cost

The internet is the greatest sales tool ever invented. Learning to wield that tool effectively, however, is a much different story.

People once sold their goods and services in a marketplace that they and their customers had to travel to before bartering, negotiating and completing a transaction. Later, print and other media like radio and television offered a medium to present products and hook potential customers, who might travel to the marketplace or place an order via a catalog and snail mail or over the phone.

But with the net, retailers and their affiliate marketers can access to customers instantly via a mouse click, with a real-time transaction a possibility from a customer’s home computer. The buyers are there… sitting in front of their screens, credit cards in hand… searching for the product they want and willing to pay immediately.

But getting your website, your classified ad or affiliate product link in front of them can be tricky, especially for the new web marketer. Paid advertising via search engine advertising from services like Google AdWords or Yahoo can ensure your ads are viewed by internet traffic. But they are no guarantees a sale will be made, or that the person clicking on the paid ad (which costs you money) is even a qualified sales prospect. Traffic-generating systems address these specific issues with low or no-cost solutions, but the majority of marketers are unaware of these and continue to pay top dollar with pay-per-click advertising. And the leads (i.e. potential customers) generated from pay-per-click may just be surfing, and clicking through your ad was just one more stop on the way to an evening of internet browsing.

That’s what happens to many in the affiliate marketing game. They’ve resolved to earn a second income, a separate revenue stream, through a work-at-home business. The idea of making money online, from the comfort of home, is enticing and within reach. But for many, the costs of paid advertising and purchasing the latest home business system “guaranteed” to make them rich, has left them in the red. Their home business experiment has actually lost them money, not been the terrific financial addition to their family’s income. But people are making money on the Internet, and they are receiving the sales traffic they require without the burden of expensive paid advertisements.

But how? Free advertising is one option, but it is certainly more time consuming. Posting free ads to web marketplaces like Craigslist, Backpage and Oodle can have results, but free ads cycle off of main advertising pages and rarely get significant views for more than a day… and in some cases, for no more than a few hours. Then how can you anchor your affiliate or web link online where qualified prospects can view it again and again, and perhaps attract the attention of search engines like Google? Traffic-generating business models like the one at have the answer.

Online e-zines and other websites that feature topic-specific articles are proven resources for online marketers. By writing articles and submitting them to various net article directories, you can have your article cataloged, featured and even prominently displayed on front pages of the major search engines. That is more likely to happen if you’ve submitted the piece to multiple directories. But for the promise of high search engine page results and months, even years of traffic to your marketing target ad or website, article writing is more than worth the effort.