Personal Finance – 5 Crazy Methods to Save Your Money

Who says saving money is tough to do? Yes, it may be difficult for people who do not save! That is because these people do not have the habits to do so. The long time savers have been at this game for quite some time. Their habits are ingrained within their lives. Therefore, it is easier for them to save an amount diligently every month in the bank. Saving is a habit. It is a habit that everyone should learn as soon as possible.

Some folks are lucky enough to be trained how to save since childhood. But luckily for us humans, we could reprogram our minds. It has been said and studied that the human brain can adapt into a new habit if practiced continuously for 21 days.

Who can save money? The answer is everyone. But people often say it is a balance between lifestyle and saving money itself. Small increments or amount everyday will inevitably build a “money hill” some day.

The benefits of having a savings are endless. Here is a list of how to save money:-

Do not smoke

You should be aware of this. But you cannot kick the habit, can you? A simple action of NOT smoking or will save you $20 – $40 a week. That is a huge amount of $80 – $160 a month. You should also know that you are killing your loved ones too when you smoke. Ever heard of second hand smoke?

Do your groceries yourself

Who can deny the power of outsourcing? When you ask for milk delivery to your house, for example, you are also paying extra costs in doing so. Why not do it yourself? However, keep in mind that of the opportunity cost. You might be better off sticking to hiring people to do menial tasks for you if you area busy person. You do the math.

Never leave home without a list when shopping

You clearly know you are on a mission to buy things. There are two benefits from this. First, you save time. No need to linger and being unsure of last minute decisions at the store. Secondly, saving money is easy when you plan what to buy at the first place. Doing groceries this way works the best.

Try to destroy your expensive TV subscriptions

Are your satellite televisions on the high every week? Try opting out of watching these paid services. That is like saving $5 to $10 a week which leads to $20 to $40 a month.

Practice frugal living

Again, this might be a borderline which different people will draw in their lives. Some can take it far, some just think the idea itself is ridiculous. Balance is always being talked about. You would want to strike the perfect balance in your own life. The question is, how far are you willing to go?

By Suzana