My Primerica Review

Primerica is a network marketing company that operates in the area of financial services. They are one of the largest financial services marketing companies in North America. They mainly deal with life insurance but also provide a number of other financial products and services. I honestly wouldn’t be able to tell you all the details about everything they offer. I’m sure you can learn everything you need to know at Primerica’s website. Would I join this company? No. Do I think it’s a scam? No. I’ll get into why I wouldn’t really care to work for this company a little later on. First, I’ll tell you what I like about Primerica.

There is a huge need for financial planning and awareness in the world today and Primerica has a great concern for this. There are too many hard working people in America that just have no clue how to save and plan for their future. People need to learn the importance of financial planning, investing and life insurance. A study was recently done that said 68 million Americans have no life insurance and the ones that are insured have far less coverage than they need. That is a disturbing thought. I myself grew up in a lower middle class family. My step father worked his tail off everyday to support my family and I. I can’t even imagine what are lives could have turned into if we suddenly lost him and my parents hadn’t made the decision to get life insurance. It’s not something that most people really want to sit around thinking about but it’s completely necessary. Especially as one gains more assets or gets married or has kids. Well, this is Primerica’s main focus. Educating people on these issues and helping people to retire and enjoy life instead of retiring broke, and getting another job. So, I really like what they do and what they’re about. I also like that they give people the opportunity to become business owners and create wealth for themselves while utilizing the techniques and strategies they learn.

Now, the reason why I wouldn’t join Primerica is just my own personal opinion and not necessarily a blanket recommendation. For me, it’s two things. Number one is that I have no interest in the financial services industry. Obviously I understand and respect the significance of such work, I just wouldn’t want to do it every day. Second is that even if it was something that I absolutely loved to do, it would be extremely difficult to create the type of income that I’d prefer to make with this. Can you get rich with Primerica? Yes, you absolutely can but not without working extremely hard at it. One thing I’ve learned about network marketing is that it doesn’t matter what product your selling or marketing, people join “you” not the company you work for or with. If you’re a leader, you need to get as many people as possible to see what you’re all about as a person and at that point, it doesn’t matter what you’re doing and they’ll join you.

By Suzana