Making Money With Offline Marketing

Making Money With Offline Marketing

Making money with offline marketing is a powerful way to generate an income for both an online enterprise or a traditional brick and mortar business. Many Internet markets seem to forget to utilize some of the simple offline strategies. There are many techniques that are not being used and I will give you a few tips, tricks and resources here.

Being in business as an entrepreneur means a few things, first you are a problem solver, second you must be a hustler. The first definition is pretty self explanatory. The second one some people get it confused with a sort of bad connotation, I remember the first time someone called me a hustler, I was offended. Then the young lady explained that it was a compliment, then I was honored. I heard a webinar where Ray Higdon, a very powerful, new to the internet arena entrepreneur spoke very candidly about many offline marketing techniques that he uses which confirmed what I already knew.

I enjoy putting my marketing on auto-pilot as much as possible, however I agree that a good mixture of traditional and creative marketing is definitely a great mixture to add to the technique. Listed are few of the techniques.


There is a great variety of resources that will give you names, numbers, and even addresses of entrepreneurs. People who are self employed, such as realtors, beauticians, landscapers, day care providers etc., These are people who are used to hustling. They understand that if they lose their primary business or clientele, they will be in great danger, and if they are approached in the proper way would be open to another opportunity. The key is in the approach.


Taking an oversized post it note and posting in on take out speakers of fast foods, or placing it near the condiment stand at Starbucks or Dunkin donuts with a very short note suggesting that if the person who has the privilege of reading the note visits “your website” or calls “your telephone number” may have access to some serious time sensitive information that could easily help them to generate an addition income of 1k – 5k a month (or whatever you feel is feasible). For those who call you, you have a serious contender, someone who is interested in what you have to say, someone who has been through your sales funnel and want more information. This is the best type of lead to have


Any time you hold a live event that is free and you are offering solutions to problems, you are seen as the expert and any time you are seen as the expert you can capitalize off of the experience. If you can make sure that you are recording the event, so that later you can use the audio or video footage to use again, maybe even sale it at future events. Here you have a captive audience, so be sure to give a survey and as a few questions where the participants can answer questions that help to show you what problems or challenges they are having to move their business forward. If you can become their hero, they will become your business partner or at the very least purchase a tool or resource from you that will help to solve their problem.


Be sure that when you attend live events you do not take any business cards or paraphernalia with you. Your exact assignment is to get to know people, and be fully engaged and interested in what they have to offer. Gather as many business cards as you have time for and the very next day without fail call each and everyone of them and ask you can help them. The dynamic here is to offer solutions to their challenges, because the day before it is your goal to get them to talk about the one challenge they have with their business. When you call advise them that you have thinking about your conversation and you believe you may have a solution for them. When you give others what they want, you ultimately get what you want. I believe that Zig Zigler said that best.


Making money mailing postcards is a well kept secret of many of the gurus, they tend to have many offline strategies that they don’t share. Mostly because they have to keep some of their greatest techniques for when you are inside of their inner circle. However post card marketing will get results, especially when it is done correctly. Personally I don’t believe there is a wrong way to do postcard marketing; it is just like any other marketing technique. You just have to start and then you have to track, and then you have test and see what converts better. When you find the words and the colors and the marketing technique that works for you, then continue to use and build upon it.

Making money with offline marketing is a great way to get to stay in front of people who are actively seeking what you are offering, otherwise they would not have reached out to speak to you. However it is serious to not that the fortune is always in the follow up and if someone leaves a telephone number or an email, be sure to follow up with them as soon as possible and start a conversation. The first thing you want to do is build a relationship with that person. People are more prone to do business with someone they feel, they know, like and can trust. Don’t ever be pushy, simply ask questions, listen and offer solutions. Those who are serious will ask you what do they need to do to sign up with you.