Make Money Online by List Building – Reasons You Should Build Your List Now Or Fail Forever

“The money is in the list”. We have heard this statement a lot of times. But what does it really mean? How does this apply to online business? Many people do not build and update their mailing list. They have too many excuses.

Some say that they do not need to because they are not marketers or they do not sell to their readers. Those people who have those types of reasons are people who have no insurance. Popular bloggers like Darren Rowse and John Chow have mailing lists. Your blog’s insurance is in your mailing list. So many things can happen to your blog. Your blog’s popularity might wane, your website could get hacked, search engine traffic may cease but your mailing list is yours forever.

Reasons to Build a Mailing List NOW!

Keep in touch: Your mailing list is a way of keeping in touch with your readers and potential customers. Not all readers visit your blog regularly. Some may be too busy to do so. If you have a mailing list you can keep in touch with your readers who may have forgotten your site. Keep them updated about your blog, send them information or send them copies of your web posts.

It is your insurance: Just like in the real world or offline world where you have insurance for your car, your house and your other valuable properties. You also have to make sure that you have insurance in the online world. Your assets online could go to as much as thousands of dollars. You have to build a mailing list as your insurance.

Know their mind: Your posts have more chances of being read if you send your readers personalized email rather than a generic blog post. You will get a good feedback because they will have more chance to read your email with their undivided attention.

Top level priority: Not all readers pay close attention to blogs or read it regularly. Their inbox is also loaded with other messages so chances are slim that they will focus on your email. Readers are ready to digest anything, they are open to new information so you must them tap this potential.

Who knows: No one really knows if your business will take off? Who knows you might be able to send a product and the sales will skyrocket and you end up pocketing thousands of dollars as commission? Rather than waiting and doing nothing slowly build up your business by sending your readers information about your product. You will have an open line of communication with our readers through your mailing list. Sending them personalized emails allows you to give them various information than by writing a blog about it.


How do you start? Do what the pros do. They use AWeber, it has lots of tutorials for beginners and it is customizable. If you’re a novice and if you’re a little hard up for cash then you might want to try mailchimps. You can use it for free with a maximum of 500 subscribers and a maximum of 3000 send per month.

By Suzana