Lover Or Provider? What Do Filipino Girls, Or Any Women, Want You to Be?

I mentioned in a previous article that buying gifts or presents or spending lavish amounts of money on Filipino girls or any women is counter-productive. You won’t trigger their attraction for you, because they’ll sense that you don’t value yourself enough to be confident that they’ll want to be with YOU and not for what you spend on them or buy them. One of two things will happen and they’re both bad news.

Either the women will walk away and not want to see you again because you aren’t attractive to them, or a certain type of woman will see you when SHE wants to see you and let you spend YOUR money on her. You may believe, or hope, that you’re her true boyfriend, with all that entails, while she KNOWS that you’re her friend and will never progress to become anything more than that. 

If you’ve fallen into the trap of being a friend, while hoping you’ll become a boyfriend at some time, you need to CHANGE YOUR ATTITUDE! It doesn’t have to be this way. When you learn how to trigger attraction in women or any Filipino girls you’re with, they’ll want to be with YOU and not your money. As for that certain type of woman who wants you for your money, she’ll do one of two things. She’ll both sense and know that you’re a confident man who values himself and won’t needlessly spend money on her to become her “friend”, so she’ll just walk away, or she’ll become so attracted to you that she’ll want you to be her true boyfriend. 

Your attitude plays a big part in attracting women, including Filipino girls. There are primarily two types of relationships women have with men, excluding the relationship of being true friends and nothing else. You’re quickly categorized, at an unconscious level, as being either a lover or provider. If you start to spend money on Filipino girls or any women soon after you meet them, you become a provider. If you trigger attraction soon after you meet women, you become a lover. It’s very difficult, if not impossible, to move from being a provider to being a lover. Whatever you’ve been categorized as is programmed into the mind at an unconscious level, which makes it extremely difficult to consciously alter. 

So be want you WANT TO BE straight away. If you WANT TO BE a woman’s lover, BE IT, but BE IT utterly convincingly.

By Suzana