Keys To Selecting Your Network Marketing Business

Keys To Selecting Your Network Marketing Business

Selecting a network marketing company to begin your home based business can be a daunting task for someone unfamiliar with the industry. While few options offer the advantages that a network marketing business does when it comes to cost to get started, low overhead and potential for economic rewards, finding the right opportunity is key to success. Many network marketers find they have had to join a number of companies before finding the right one. There are some keys to look for to help you find the right business quickly, if you know what they are.

Company Leadership:

Sound company leadership, like any business, should be a key item examined when selecting an opportunity to get involved with. Longevity of the company is something that is a must. Who wants to put the effort into creating a large team of distributors and customers, only to have the company go out of business, taking your paycheck with it? Leadership with proven experience and a long history of success in the network marketing industry is something that should be examined prior to signing up with any business opportunity. There is nothing more important than the management of the company when it comes to selecting an opportunity that is right for you. The potential for large income payouts is what draws people, rightly so, to network marketing, but you want that to be longterm income, not something that you enjoy today and it’s gone tomorrow. Management sets the tone for the company and will be responsible for the future growth of it and your business, as they bring on new products, open international markets, and determine the course that will be navigated in the future.

Compensation Plan:

There are a number of compensation plans that populate the network marketing industry, and there isn’t sufficient space here to discuss them all. But, there are some key things that should be examined when you are considering joining a company.

Does the compensation plan offer those new to the business an opportunity to make money quickly? There is no better feeling than getting that first check when you start your business, and the faster that happens, the more excited the person is to work their business, and more importantly remain with the business. The one big knock against the network marketing industry is the number of people who start a business, but quickly fall away. Ensuring that new distributors make money quickly is a must.

Does the compensation plan encourage teamwork for the long term? Many plans are set up to financially encourage distributors to work with people in their business when they first join, but then, as the business grows and those people end up in a portion that is so large that the distributor above no longer has an incentive to work with them. Look for a pay plan that rewards you for working with you entire team, longterm, regardless of how large your business grows. Of course, you are also interested in a compensation plan that will offer you serious financial rewards for your work, but I believe that if you find one that encourages the type of teamwork I’ve described, the financial rewards will go hand in hand.

Consumable Products:

High quality, consumable products that customers will want on a regular basis, should be the basis for any decision to start a business in the network marketing industry. Let’s face it, you can be the best bowling ball salesman in the world, but realistically you’ll see very few repeat customers. Products that enhance the lives of customers, are needed on a regular basis and are of a quality that you are confident in and proud to represent, will give you the vehicle you need to build a business that is based not just on distributors you sponsor, but consumers that are the true foundation of your financial success.


While there are other items to look at when selecting a network marketing opportunity that is right for you, I firmly believe that these are the ones that should be examined the closest. I see no other opportunity for everyday people to inexpensively begin their own business, where the potential for financial rewards are greater, than the network marketing industry. Do your homework; select the business that’s right for you and GO FOR IT!