Entrepreneurship is an important part of a country’s economic development. This must be supported and cultivated as much as possible. It’s because they helps the government in creating jobs. So, it is clear that the importance of entrepreneurs in every economy is essential. Especially in this modern era which requires to compete globally. If you want to know more reasons, you can find them out below.

Creating New Production Techniques

Every entrepreneur should have creativity and innovation abilities. This is because there are already many competitors out there. Therefore, these entrepreneurs create new production techniques. They analyze what are needed most by the society. Off course the products must be more useful. This is the first point of the importance of entrepreneurs you should know. They provide useful products that haven’t been available before. Besides, they also have the ability to find the opportunities in business field.

Improve the Standard of Living

In line with the previous point, the existence of entrepreneurs can improve the standard of living. Because of their new discovery, everyone will feel the effect. We are not talking about the shortcomings now. It is clear that entrepreneurs help improve people’s living standards. The society gets something more valuable and the other parties get the advantages too. It’s true that the presence of entrepreneurs can improve community performance.

Grow Productive Resources

Besides improving the quality of life, they also grow productive resources. This is very helpful especially in countries with unbalanced numbers of job field and employment. The existence of entrepreneurs greatly helps the government in providing  the employment. Even so, there are still applicants who do not meet the qualifications provided by the company. That’s why it needs a special treatment from both entrepreneurs and government. They can cooperate together by providing jobs.

Increasing National Income

What’s next can describe the importance of entrepreneurs in modern economy is it increases national income. Not only domestic success, there are many entrepreneurs who able to enter the international market. This becomes good news because it affects the country where the entrepreneurs live. If your company is getting famous, the name of the country will automatically be widely known too. And the most important thing is it increases foreign exchange income. Then it also strengthen the foreign reserves. Therefore, the Government should open broad access and facilitate licensing so that many entrepreneurs are motivated to go international.

They Do the Social Function

Carry out social functions becomes the next benefit to get from entrepreneurs. In line with the previous point, they have a stake in advancing the country. Whether it’s in the fields of education, health, culture, and others, they are very helpful. Well, people who focus on this activity are called as social entrepreneurs. They can identify these social problems and help to find out the solutions. Therefore, this type of entrepreneur is able to perform social functions correctly.

According to the points above, do you still hesitate to be an entrepreneur? You will not only make yourself rich but even greater because you also help the government to make the country grows faster.

By Suzana