I Only Need a Little Money to Start – How About Crowd Source Funding?

I Only Need a Little Money to Start – How About Crowd Source Funding?

The other day, I was talking with an individual, a seasoned entrepreneur looking to raise a little capital for his next business, and he noted that he only needed a little bit of startup money to get the prototypes going, to prove concept, and to start making money.

Yes, perhaps so, and perhaps not, but how can he come up with the money if he doesn’t have family members to fund it or any money of his own to invest? Okay so let’s talk a little about this case study, perhaps you are in the same boat as a small time entrepreneur?

Entrepreneur says: “I have a manufacturer and sources lined up to make these devices, and it doesn’t cost that much to make them, and I also have beau coups contacts to get them into the market, so I can be launched and operating for very little money.”

Still, contacts are not commitments. Sources are not firm guaranteed delivery. How much, do you have a rough plan? Go ahead and copy it into an email so I can read it. If it is really cheap, you could try the “micro-funding” online sources where folks can chip in small amounts – crowd source type funding, but you’d still need a strong business plan and go get real money to really make this vision happen. What are your thoughts on the crowd source funding concept, I was asked?

Well, here are some of my thoughts, you see first off; Hope and Change are BS right? I mean you have to make it happen, that means “step 1” is still only “step 1” and is no guarantee you can get to the real goal of creating a viable business that will launch these products into the market.

Now then, should you go the crowd sourcing route, does it make sense, is that a good way to raise funds? Well, it can be, and it has worked for some folks, of course a nice business plan helps, but then at the same time you are giving away your idea to the whole world, and describing your invention, innovation, or business model to entrepreneurs, foreign imitators, and others who will merely steal your concept.

But, if you can get your funding and go to step one, quickly, complete that, and get a second round of funding to keep going at a fast pace, it could work, and yes, people have done it, and it is one source of funding. So, please consider all this and think on it.