How to Turn 75 Lyoness Loyalty Dollars Into $800 Cash Payouts

What are Lyoness Loyalty Dollars?

Lyoness Loyalty Dollars accrue for Lyoness Members whenever they make purchases of gas, groceries or goods at participating retailers. There are currently 367 major retailers in the US which qualify. Although Lyoness allows a certain % of every transaction to be immediate cash back, savvy members allot all of their Lyoness benefits into their Loyalty Account because of the long term payout potential.

For example, BP Arco is a participating merchant with Lyoness. A Lyoness member would determine their monthly gas budget and order brand new, guaranteed BP gift cards through Lyoness. Lyoness will credit 2% of this purchase to the Member. 1% of the purchase may go to the Cash Account or Loyalty Account at the Members request. The remaining % will automatically be credited into the Loyalty account. The question is, why wouldn’t a Member take as much as possible in cash?

The simple reason is this: Accepting the Cash is “right now money” that is the exact value that was earned through loyalty shopping. $75 Cash = $75 Cash. Loyalty Dollars have the potential to grow and compound through a payout system which can turn $75 Loyalty Dollars into over $800 cash.

How can Lyoness Loyalty Dollars grow?

$75 Loyalty Dollars create an Accounting Unit (AU). An AU is generated and placed in the Shoppers Matrix. This is where the magic happens. The Shoppers Matrix is populated by Accounting Units created by Lyoness Members’ shopping. Every unit must be followed by two units. As these units stack, they generate payouts. Without going into minute detail, every AU in the system followed by 70 equally distributed AUs can generate payouts upwards of $800. The units following the original unit may be yours, or they may be owned by someone else. But every unit has to be placed somewhere, and the more units that are generated and stacked, the more potential payouts to each Member.

How are Lyoness Accounting Units earned?

Loyalty Dollars are earned by shopping, and then converted into accounting units. These AUs may stack and convert into payouts.

When a Lyoness Member that you have referred (Refer a Friend) earns an accounting unit, it is automatically placed in your Shoppers Matrix. These AUs generated by others may also stack along with your own and convert into payouts.

Earning AUs as a team

When you generate AUs that are placed in the system, it may help not only your own Shoppers Matrix, but also your Referred Members Shopping Matrixes as well. All the units must stack as they are earned. So the true benefit of Lyoness Membership is the sum of the combined group of earned Accounting Units stacking and generating payouts for everyone.

This payout program for loyalty shopping through Lyoness is mutually beneficial. It creates a unique opportunity for friends and families to help each other financially by simply rerouting their normal gas, grocery and goods shopping through Lyoness as a group.

How Long Does it Take to Earn a Lyoness Accounting Unit?

It is dependent upon how much is spent, how often and at which merchants. For example a business making a Vistaprint purchase through Lyoness will earn 2% Cash Back and 5% Loyalty Bonus, totalling 7% in benefits. Therefore, a single $1,074 purchase by a business owner at VistaPrint through Lyoness could earn one AU (if all benefits were directed to Loyalty).

The real secret to maximizing Lyoness Membership benefits is by being a loyal shopper at every opportunity, planning for compounding benefits over 2-5 years, and sharing the Member benefits with other people.

By Suzana