How to Transform Your Hobby Into a Full Time Income

Transforming Your Hobby into Money Generating Business

Turning your hobby into an online business can be exciting, at the same time rewarding. But before you give up your day job, be sure you are realistic about your dream to become your own boss.

A lot of people dream of becoming their own boss. The question now is what kind of boss are you to yourself? When you’re self-employed and running an online business, you no longer have the luxury of leaving work when the clock hits 5pm. You no longer count the working hours and working days. When you are your own boss, there is a great chance that you’ll work more than eight hours a day, seven days a week, for the whole year. That’s because your online business is open even if you are sleeping, taking a vacation, or enjoying the holiday. You are your own employee as well as your own boss. You might be enjoying the luxury of not having someone breathing down your neck, but if you don’t work hard, your business will shut down. What kind of boss you want to be? The fate of your business will depend on your answer.

Hobby into Business – A Reality Check

A hobby is something you enjoy doing, but when you want people to start paying for it, you are subjected to a set of new and higher standards. Your previous experience may be different from what you are about to do and may not necessarily give you a head start. Your age may also become a disadvantage. However, given your work ethic, determination, desire to learn something new, and love for what you do, you will be able to pull it off.

Starting an online business can be difficult. But what’s good about doing something you love or doing something you enjoy is that you might not even notice you are going through difficult times. Your passion for what you do will help you get through the toughest times in doing business.

Do you really want to make your hobby a living?

If people praise you about the cakes you bake or the blog you write and say that you should make it as a living, it feels great. But there is more in business than getting praises. If you need to write 5 blogs or bake 10 cakes a day to break even, can you really do that? When you realize that you need to hire people, you divide your time in blogging or baking and managing people and keeping quality and standards. Then there is marketing where you have to sell or look for customers. There is competition where you have to stay on top of everyone who does similar on business as you.

Are you ready for the emotional rollercoaster?

Any business has its highs and lows. The more passionate you are about what you do, the more personal these highs and lows get. If you work your blood, sweat and tears and get praises, you feel you are on the top of the world; but just one criticism can throw you at your lowest point. If you want to stay at the safe place, working for someone is good, but if you are a thrill-seeker and love to take risks, then this is for you.

By Suzana