How to Switch Your Niche

Finding your niche sometimes takes a little time. You could try to be a great Lawyer and actually become a fantastic Farmer. Each niche or field of endeavor are wonderful. I’m not weighing one over the other. The thought here is merely the diversity and circumstance. It takes time to iron out details especially when ones environment leaves much to be desired. The world economy has notably changed. This has created incredible side affects to our free society. Your gas station attendant probably not only pumps gas, but sells beer also, not to mention cigarettes, candy, and possibly socks. It’s a new day. Does your gas station attendant enjoy what he or she is doing? Enjoyment is a completely different topic. The attendant is probably there because of the viability, with respect to the current time. It’s convenient to pump gas, if that’s the only job around. Imagine that your local gas attendant was actually the Prince Of Whales. Do you think he or she would have such a job like pumping gas?

Convenience and necessity can define a niche as yours. Enjoyment while doing something is a prime reason to be involved with what ever you’re doing. Getting paid comes first to me. The phrase “necessity is the mother of invention” comes to my mind. The expression is very relevant here. You may say “I’m confusing the word job with niche.” A job is sub dividing a general field of endeavor. The important word to remember is endeavor. It actually makes no difference that you have decided on what you definitely enjoy, unless you’re desperate for money. Being desperate for money and having the liberty to choose your niche are obviously two different things. Do you know anyone at liberty to choose besides me? That was supposed to be a corny joke.

Balance is key to success in all endeavors. The great Napoleon Hill of Think and Grow Rich. (famous book) wrote about burning bridges. He suggested that it is a good thing. I contend differently. Imagine having a wife and children and leave a good paying job, to be a street corner poet. Things don’t practically happen that way. Balance is of most importance. The internet makes things more accessible. You can probably keep your good paying job until your poetry brings better money/. You can do what you want, when you have the time. Money is actually everywhere on the web. It takes strong desire, study and experimentation to conquer. You can conquer your dream and then go and conquer another dream. You’ll find your niche when you become comfortable with what you do. Some how the word niche and comfort have become synonymous. Finding your niche can actually be a balancing act between what you like to do, how much money you want to make and what ever opposition you’ll encounter.

By Suzana