How To Make Money Online – The Importance Of Building A Brand

When you look at the top earners in the internet marketing space, you will see that 99% of them have built a brand. Instant brand recognition will allow you to earn more money then you could ever imagine. Branding does two very important things for your online business. It builds trust and awareness. It is on of the best publicity tools ever. The more brand awareness you build, the more customers you will acquire.

Branding works the same exact way in the online world as it does in the offline world. Just think about it, the more you hear a products name, the more likely you are to give it a try right? Because the more you see or hear something, the more trustworthy you believe it to be. Trust me when I say, build a brand will benefit your online business in a major way.

How To Build Your Brand

I’m sure you are wondering what you can do to effectively build your brand online business. Truthfully, Its not as hard as you might think. Just follow a few simple tactics and you will be on your way to building a very effective brand.

Tactic #1 – Put Your Name On Everything – Putting your name on your blog, opt in pages, articles, videos etc., is a simple way for you to start building brand recognition.

Tactic #2 – Use An Image Of Yourself – Most people don’t like to do this but using an image of yourself is a great way to build your brand online. If you don’t want to use your own image you can come up with a character that represents your business. For example you could be the weight loss superhero and have a superhero with a big WL on his cape to represent weight loss. You would then use that image on every piece of content you produce.

Tactic #3 – Come Up With A Memorable Slogan – Slogans are another very easy tool you can use to build a brand. Whatever your niche is, create a slogan around that. For example, if you are in the weight loss niche you could use a slogan such as “real weight loss starts here” or “you have the will, we have the way”. Those are simple slogans that people will remember.

These are just 3 simple things you can do to start building brand awareness. If you constantly put out valuable content and brand it with your name and images, you will have no problem creating interest in what you have to offer. The key is to start building your brand from the very beginning. Start with your name and then add your logo and image.

By Suzana