For those who frequently shop online, you must be concerned about several things including shipping. There are some issues to discuss like the expensive shipping. Well, this is a case that is often encountered. If you are a business owner, what strategy do you use for shipping? although it’s a small business, but you need to know small business shipping too. This is because it is very influential on customer trust in your company. Don’t neglect to provide the best service. There are a number of things that can be used as ideas for safety small business shipping

Reuse Bubble Wrap

During your business, have you done your research for shipping? You should be even more innovative for safe packaging. So far, what we know is the use of bubble wrap. Well, you can use it for reuse. If your family has left over bubble wrap, you can use it. But make sure if the bubble wrap is still in good condition. This is no problem to do because you have a small business. It will be very hard for you to pay for more expensive packaging.

Cubic Weight Boat Boxes

Cubic weight becomes the next option for sending goods. This is an efficient way to reduce shipping costs. Usually the system used is Cubic Weight. So, the operator uses an estimated weight that is calculated from the height, width, and length of the package.

Outsourcing to Amazon

The next way to reduce shipping costs is to outsource shipping. Amazon is one place to do this idea. This outsourcing may seem expensive. But do you know if this method can save a long time. You no longer need to bother thinking about personnel costs to the building. Besides cost, the services obtained are also reliable and satisfying. So, you can get double comfort.

Pack Goods according to the Size

We often find that items packed with large boxes will become more expensive. Therefore, don’t choose the wrong packing size. Provide lightweight packaging material but with a space that is relieved to save costs. But if it is not possible, you can try the flate rate box. It also provides a more aesthetic packaging.

Use Media Mail to Send Books

For those who sell books, there is the best way to use Media Mail. This is much cheaper than when you use FedEx. No need to worry about shipping because it’s sent in a safe box. Just imagine sending the stuffs you sell without worry about the delivery fee. That’s why this is the next useful small business shipping idea to try.

Buy packaging at once in large quantities

Buying packaging materials in large quantities is the next choice for small business shipping issues. But before that, you have to think carefully which material to use. Is it a branded box or as plain as most. This becomes the last efficient small business shipping idea to apply. You have to be really smart in managing the expenditure and income for this packing.

By Suzana